Alcorta's Folklorico Diamante  felt the need to produce an event that would serve the folklorico dance community by providing an outlet for choreographers and directors to have their traditional folk dance works presented in a professional environment and critiqued by leading experts in the field. The organization also wanted to aid in the preservation of Mexico’s rich heritage and promote cultural diversity among spectators.  
With this, the Competencia Folklorica De Tejas was created as a ballet folklorico dance competition to serve all middle school, high school, college/university and private studio dancers and choreographers to bring them together to celebrate life, love and friendship through music and dance.
CFT is part of Alcorta's Folklorico Diamante's dance initiative and brings high quality ballet folklórico dance companies to the community of Corpus Christi for a full weekend of performances and master workshops.
Alcorta's Folklorico Diamante, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization in Corpus Christi, Texas dedicated to the preservation of the art of Mexican Folklorico and Latin folk dancing throughout South Texas. The company's primary objective is to promote the Hispanic culture and diversity among students of all ages, by performing and studying the various regions of Mexico, as well as Spain and Latin America, to the people of Corpus Christi, surrounding areas and beyond.